Calling all beginners!

Calling all beginners!

It's been a crazy first five days as we've tuned up the band and launched Sweet Chain Music.

Not only have we delighted out first customers, opened the store but we have launched our first event. 

RPM Rapture Challenge takes place on Dec 15th at Berhampore Golf Course between 10am and 4pm. It's a great event for beginners as each players pack contains 3 discs

  • Huia - in Cosmic or Atomic plastic. This stable fairway driver has enough stability to be useful into a headwind (we're looking at you hole 8!) but gentle enough to maintain good distance
  • Kea - in Magma Hard. The Magma plastic is a medium tough plastic that has quite a rubbery feel and great grip. Very useful mid-range / approach
  • Ruru - in Strata. A reliable stable putter with very little fade. The Ruru finds chains!

These discs come in a limited edition Rapture 2019 stamp to remember to the event. If you've not played disc golf before this is a great way to get your bag started.

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