Trilogy Challenge

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Join us for an awesome day of Disc Golf at this year's Wellington Trilogy Challenge.

Perfect for all skill levels, ages 8+, and especially those who are new to the sport. The Trilogy Challenge is a fun, casual single day event where you will get an awesome players pack, meet heaps of people and maybe even come away with some prizes! For your entry, you get three exclusive discs, a mini disc that you can use to mark where your disc landed and a towel to dry/clean your discs.

Entry fee: $85, pay in installments or in one go. Deposit your entry fee to 01-0505-0912160-22 using your name as a reference

Taking place at Berhampore Golf course on 3rd October 2020

We look forward to seeing you there!


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  • Hi. This is probably a long shot but I was wondering if you had any Trilogy discs left over. I’m really keen to get another Crown putter. The ChCh organizer has yet to get back to me so I thought I’d cast the net a bit wider.


    Bryce Collier on

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