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This is an excellent utility putt and approach disc. With a strong throw the Tui will hold a turnover and won't fade back.

Speed 3

Glide 4

Turn -1

Fade 0

Customer Reviews

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Swiss Army Knife

Have got a Tui in both Magma (putting putter) and Atomic (throwing putter). Useful for anything needing to just hold it's shape, be it Hyzer or Anhyzer. Also the easiest disc I've found so far to transfer my Ultimate forehand to.

Turn over throwing putter

I use this as my umderstable throwing putter. Release flat and watch it's smooth turn action happen straight away, very minimal fade so it's easy to judge the line it will fly. I also use it with a full power hyzer flip and man it is awesome to watch, it flips up holds and then drifts into it's turn. Give it hight and it will fly for days due to the incredible glide.

Much needed - Must have

Developing my game and this was a much needed addtion. Consistant and reliable. Great ability to hold the line that put out. I would recommend this to everyone.

Amazing colour and a great stamp

Tui - Cosmic / Atomic 170/171g

I purchased a Tui disc in both the Cosmic and Atomic Plastic. I have been using these discs as throwing putters as the plastic seems more durable than the Magma. Both these seem fairly stable and fairly easy to get to fly straight. When I have been attempting to throw in Hyzer and Anhyzer they fly consistently. with more practice at throwing these shot shapes, this will be a versatile disc. The Tui Stamp is super cool too.

Tui - Magma Soft 175

I got the yellow version. I am using this as my putting putter. The Magma Soft plastic is awesome. Feels great in the hand. The plastic feels like it provides more grip than the Atomic and Cosmic plastics. It grips the chains well when putting. This plastic is likely to bet up easier than the other plastics.

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