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Atomic Piwakawaka review

I have this disc in strata, cosmic and atomic and think the atomic disc has the best feel in the hand. All perform similarly and reliably despite different ages. The disc flys well with a good strong throw, and has some glide but will drop quite quickly at the end. Have used it to deliver good straight tunnel shots and push out onto the fairway from crowded tees. Will tend to hold the release angle. Doesn't skip much on landing. Good all rounder disc.

Solid stable driver

Solid stable driver reliable flight

Essential Disc

Picked up a Roc3 when I first started playing, and it's still in the bag, becomes more stable over time for valuable fairway work, and short holes with a late left hook (RHBH), and midrange approach sidearms are easy!

Earnt it's weight in gold, easily one of my top discs

Great putter

Discovered as Part of the 2020 Trilogy Challenge and instantly became my go to putter. Will hold a predictable line when driving as well. this stamp

Champion Leopard3

Bought in Champion plastic. Out of the box it feels like a beaten in TeeBird But as you use the disc the turn becomes more reliable. great for straight shots or shots where you need that bit of anhyzer to get around a tree or obstacle.


Best 'portable' basket out there. Of you want the feels my of having your own permanent basket in your backyard then this is the basket for you. Catches discs just as well as any basket on your local course. A little less portable than other baskets out there but the quality and closeness to a permanent basket more than make up for it. Lots of pop up tournaments use it.

A solid predictable disc. Will hold it's line no matter how had you throw it. A little more overstable out of the box so if its not released flat it will hold the hyzer line. A great addition to the RPM line up!

Great first distance driver

A great disc that gave me that oh so beautiful 'S' shaped line. Haven't found another disc that has been able to replace it.

Can't go wrong

Great disk with a predictable flight, a go to when first getting a fairway driver. Will fly straight and finish to the left (rhbh).

Turn over throwing putter

I use this as my umderstable throwing putter. Release flat and watch it's smooth turn action happen straight away, very minimal fade so it's easy to judge the line it will fly. I also use it with a full power hyzer flip and man it is awesome to watch, it flips up holds and then drifts into it's turn. Give it hight and it will fly for days due to the incredible glide.

Must have, quiver killer

This is the disc that changed my game. It teaches you to throw properly, put it on what ever angle and it will fly like that with little to no fade. When throwing a full power rhbh it will drift (not turn) slightly to the right. You can also put it on anhyzer and get some incredible shots that can cover the right hand turning shots for those that don't have a powerful forehand! An incredible disc!!!

Nice approach disc 👏

Much needed - Must have

Developing my game and this was a much needed addtion. Consistant and reliable. Great ability to hold the line that put out. I would recommend this to everyone.

Amazing colour and a great stamp

My absolute favourite approach disc for getting round corners. Super forehand friendly. Ultra reliable fade.

Kea review

A handy addition to my bag. It is stable and will fade at the end of the path. I struggle to get a lot of distance from this disc. However, it is great to have it for approaches where you need the disc to get down without gliding too far.

Mini Driver / Glow

Does the job the mini requires. Good colour. Stands out on the ground

Piwakawaka Review

A great disc. So much glide. The thing I like about this disc is its ability to hold different shot shapes. I love throwing smooth anhyzers as it will hold the line the whole way.

Perfect gift

Great disc for a gift for someone that is starting to learn the game of disc golf. Straight flyer and very stable 👌

Bucket Berg

Deep deep dish with the perfect indentation for your thumb to grip onto. One of my favs, drive with it, scramble with it, roll with it out with it and LOVE IT

Under-stable reliable

I find I barely have to turn this disc over to achieve the perfect S line. Instantly more distance compared to all my other discs so easy and love how it feels in my hand

The godly zone

Best disc in my bag is it a putter mid range or a driver well dose all 3 really forehand backhand it dose it all super useful disc that everyone should have

Buzzz OS

This is one of the great Over stable Mid ranges. If you want a mid range you can crank on without it getting under-stable and still have enough lift to get a significant right to left movement (RHBH) without falling out of the sky (like a gator or justice) This is your mid range.

First Impressions Are Important

This was my first disc from Kastaplast. I got it through a subscription service so did not buy it knowing what I was getting into, but I was not and have never been disappointed with this disc. Kastaplast is well known for having top tier plastic, even with their low number of molds, as all of their followers can attest to. Ever since receiving the Rask and using it I can say I'm a devoted follower. About as unique as you can get, this disc features a second rim attached to the bottom of the flight plate which means the disc has essentially no glide which makes the already overstable flight seem so much more. It'll just go up and sit exactly where you aim, no funny business. The extra rim can be a bit odd for grip, I could never get a solid forehand so this was exclusively used for big hyzers and tough headwind shots. If that's not something you're looking for definitely check out the rest of Kastaplast's discs, they're all fantastic.

For Bombing*

As a high speed driver this is everything you could want, as long as you can give it. This disc requires a committed throw if you want proper action. At full speed, on a flat throw, I can get a nice flex out of the disc but I do find it a bit hard to control a lot of the time. Still relatively new in my bag at this stage so I'm sure as it beats in it'll become a trustworthy and controllable driver. Quite a wide rim, but still comfortable to hold with my hand. Those with medium to small hands will probably struggle to get a good grip.
*Pun intended.

Cut Through Everything

This is the disc you need if you have an established forehand but need a bit more speed than your regular fairway. For me the speed was closer to a 10 but still plenty. With a super flat top gripping this disc is comfortable and makes angle control very easy. This disc will take all of your flex shots and headwind shots and put them exactly where you want.