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Great bag

I upgraded from a fade tourney bag and this is huge compared for that, only useful as a disc golf bag, the putter pocket at the top says it holds 2-4 but really it can fit about 7-8 putters comfortably..... only thing I don’t like is the plastic sleeves that hold up the sides of the bag aren’t hidden very well would be better to have a zip or some way of hiding them better

Dependable over stable Driver

Still getting used to it as it is new too my bag but the possibilities!!!!! reliable fade and I think it will hold more stable as I beat in.

Tui's are Gold!

My go to putter! I've swapped and changed out putters but always go back to the Tui. recommend it over any other putter. glide is second to none and very accurate for me.

It Glows as well as it flys

And it glows real good.

This is a great disc to throw in a glow round as it flys pretty much where you point it. It's easy to Anhyzer and it can nail a straight line. I enjoy using it for those tight layup shots.

Best of all it feels great.

MVP Volt
Cool disc

Stable/overstable driver.
From least stable to most stable below.
Fission volt
Jc volt
Standard volt(ie neutron plastic)
Cosmic neutron

Reasonable, but the rim a bit grippy

This is a good driver for a slower arm like mine, but the rim feels a bit sharper than other fairway drivers and it has a tendency to get caught in my fingers a bit and so going a bit awry.

Straight as...

This gives a good, straight line every time you throw it - great for those approaches as you can confidently sent it in the direction of the basket and not be afraid of losing too much in the fade

Reliable fairway driver

This is a good go-to fairway driver for me (a rookie player.) The rim feels a bit narrower than other drivers, making the grip a bit different if you're used to wider rims, but that seems to improve control.
It's a nice straight driver with a good glide, and holds well in the wind

RPM Kotare
Wind fighter

Reliable flight in any conditions . This disc is a must have for our windy conditions

RPM Kahu
Solid flight

Good disc into the wind and great with a tail wind . Very swappable flight and good distance

Swiss Army Knife

Have got a Tui in both Magma (putting putter) and Atomic (throwing putter). Useful for anything needing to just hold it's shape, be it Hyzer or Anhyzer. Also the easiest disc I've found so far to transfer my Ultimate forehand to.

Best driver in my bag

I absolutely love the Bolt and currently bag 3 of them in different weights. It is comfortable in my hand and gives great distance with a beautiful full flex flight. I highly recommend this disc for ladies with a natural hyzer style of throwing.

Fantastic starter disc

Certainly a go to for me and great distance can’t go wrong with this one

Piwakawaka Atomoic Review

Bought a pair of Piwakawaka in Atomic plastic. Feel great in the hand and easy to control.
As an entry level player, I find I am getting better glides off of them than some faster "driver" discs. Definitely landing closer to the basket and more consistently. Will likely buy a couple more for practice.

Go to Fairway Driver

Straight,Sneaky glide & dependable fade at the end of its flight.
A must have in everyone’s bag

Big Z Roach

I wanted a throwing putter in a premium plastic & have been happy the Roach in jawbreaker & D-line a little more stable for throws off the tee Big Z is for me 🥏

Great go-to driver for slower arm

This one flies pretty darned straight if you don't push too hard. It's a great speed and glide for the beginner/intermediate level. My go-to favourite

Straight flying putter

Flys similar to a stable ruru, with a more shallow rim. Like this disc for big anhyzer lofty throws as it won't flip and has a little stability to finish flat preventing roll aways. Also enjoy putting with it for longer c2 putts as it has decent glide.

Supper straight flying mid range. Has more glide than my buzz and will finish softly.

Wind Fighter

Amazing disc to fight all winds from all directions. It is a disc for a bigger arm. A good reliable flight pattern and with a bit of an hyzer out of the hand it can go a long way out . I would definitely recommend

New to game

Haven't gotten this disc fully under control yet but I have been able to get alot of good rips out of this one when my technique has been good enough to follow the flight line I was looking for. Disc feels good in hand for both forehand and backhand. A good disc that says what it will do as long as it's thrown how it's supposed to. You'll get some good distance out of your throw and then it will turn as it starts to fade out.

New to game

Different feel to normal mid range discs which is one thing I like about it. Have noticed that when my technique is good I'm able to produce a nice steady straight shot that will slowly fade out towards the end of the flight.

New to the game

Have been playing disc golf just over 2 months now. I like the feel of the disc in hand and it flies nicely. Have been able to do some pretty consistent putting using this disc. I've also used it to tee off on some holes because it holds it's line nicely and has a decent amount of flight in my amateur opinion.

Great disc and nice feel plus looks good flying in the light would recommend

Great disc for into the wind on blustery Wellington rounds