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Innova Valkyrie
Tony S. (Whanganui, NZ)

Brought the Valkyrie to replace my favorate disk that I lost but is no longer made. Looking for a reliable straight fairway. So far is a great replacement for t-ing off and those long second shots

Kastaplast Kaxe Z
Sebastien V. (Wellington, NZ)
Great all-rounder

This is an excellent disc for those looking for a mid that can kind of do anything.

It can be consistently turned over if you need that, but equally if you throw it slightly underpowered it’s got great glide for those tunnel shots.

I bought mine in K1 Glow, and the plastic is just lovely. Highly recommend this disc for basically anyone.

Innova Leopard3
Marc P. (Auckland, NZ)

I was recommended this disc after I told them I don't have a lot if speed. have never looked back. still in my disc infancy but have added another weapon.

Kastaplast Berg
Keith T. (Wellington, NZ)
Straight approach cheat code.

This disc really does feel like you are cheating up to 60m. It will not turn over and it will not fade. Throw it FH or BH, it cand handle torque. Give it enough power to get to where you want it to go (without and glide), then watch it sit down as it refuses to go further.

Kastaplast Kaxe Z
Keith T. (Wellington, NZ)
All in one.

Need a stable to straight mid? Throw the KaxeZ on a slight hyzer with 70m of speed and watch it fly straight along the line you pulled. Fantastic disc for long straight tunnel shots.

Need drive that will turn over? Throw on a hyzer to flat with 90m+ of speed and watch it pop up and hold the turnover line.

Touch FH? KaxeZ has you covered.

Shorter Hyzer, KaxeZ has you covered.

Flies like a more versatile and reliable River, feels like a leopard3 in hand.

MVP Full Color Towel
Seffs (Wellington, NZ)

Absolutely a must have. No need to use spare towels at home but get the real deal. Great quality material fabric. Super handy!

RPM Pekapeka
Dave G. (Auckland, NZ)
Good multi-purpose disk

Have only just started playing disc golf and still learning but this disc flies well and consistently if it is thrown correctly (which I definitely need to work on! ) As a newbie I have attacked a few trees and other hard objects with the Pekapeka and it is still in great condition which is more than can be said for some of the things it has hit!

Great service from Sweet Chain Music - great communication and disc arrived in a couple of days and very pleased with it.

Discmania Tactic
RJ A. (Tauranga, NZ)
Great Approach Disc

Was looking around for an overstable approach disc. This disc has never let me down. It always finds its way to the basket

Dynamic Discs Cadet Bag
Sean L. (Upper Hutt, NZ)
Beginners back

Bought this for my 7 year old son. Its a little big but he loves it, particularly the large side pockets where he can easily access his discs.

Latitude 64 Diamond
Katnuks (Wellington, NZ)
Good for Hyzer flip

This is a go to disc if I want to throw it on a Hyzer and have the disc flip to flat. Nice plastic and the stamp looks sweet

Fourth Circle Firehawk
Anonymous (Whanganui, NZ)
Nice easy to use disc

As a beginner really enjoy this disc. Throws straight and consistently

Latitude 64 Musket
Leon C. (Auckland, NZ)
Fits the gap

The musket us a great stable straight disc. For my arm I'm getting a gentle turn with a straight finish when thrown flat.

Innova Mamba
Kath (Wellington, NZ)
Mamba number 5…..

Great in a heavy wait to use with a flat fore hand release
Great disc for a beginner

Axiom Paradox
Alexander B. (Frankton, NZ)

Great hyzer flip at lower speeds, perfect disc for flippy tunnel shots to make the fairway as big as possible

Axiom Hex
Phill (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Game changer!

Consistent and will shape to your selected shot and power. So comfortable in the hand you'll find yourself reaching for it more and more!

Innova Wraith
Greg R. (Nelson, NZ)
Awesome Disc

This is a perfect distance driver. It can handle both forehand and backhand throws. With more power you can get it to heizer flip for maximum distance with a reliable fade at the end of its flight. If you're just starting to explore Distance drivers then this is the disc for you to grow into. While more experienced players will have a long distance disc they can manipulate the flight to suit their game reliably.

Axiom Hex
Bryce (Christchurch, NZ)
Best straight Mid

Get one! Plastic feels amazing and it has a sneaky amount of glide.

Innova Mamba
Paul T. (Auckland, NZ)
5 star

Quick transaction, quick delivery. Would recommend. Awesome.

Many Thanks

Axiom Hex
Stewart C. (Wellington, NZ)
Straight and far

I bought this one because it felt so good in the hand. It just feels ready to throw. And when you do it glides a long way, and goes super straight. I have a slow arm, and this is a reliable driver for me getting consistently good distance without losing anything to excess fade. Great disc!

Dynamic Discs Evader
Chad T. (Hastings, NZ)

I got this disc to add to my collection of Dynamic Discs in my bag. I'm still relatively new to disc golf as a sport so getting the most out of the disc is still in process. I throw an anhyzer shot with this disc know it is going to do what I need it to do. Bright coloring helps spot it if I miscalculate the shot and find myself in the rough.

RPM Kahu
Nick P. (Tauranga, NZ)
Predictable flight

I don't have massive power and the kahu maximises the distance I can get from the arm I have. It's my workhorse driver, very stable with a nice predictable fade at the end. I couldn't do without it.

Dynamic Discs Judge
Sam P. (Christchurch, NZ)
Favourite Putter

This is the Putter that works best for me. There are many options of Putter but I choose the Judge because I like how it feels in the hand and the medium to softer plastics they use. Simple as that.

Innova Roc3
Eamon W. (Christchurch, NZ)

Good overstable mid-range, good in headwind and nice for shaping shots. Easy grip, forehand and backhand.

Discraft Challenger
Eamon W. (Christchurch, NZ)

Wide rim if you like that great if not will take sometime to get used but once you do will make a good stable approach/putter.

Innova Dart
Eamon W. (Christchurch, NZ)

Does exactly as it says. Glides well holds the angle you put on it, anhyzer will straighten out. Wouldn't recommend in the wind. Too much glide, the aviar3 or pig are better for it.