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Dynamic Discs Evader
Chad T. (Hastings, NZ)

I got this disc to add to my collection of Dynamic Discs in my bag. I'm still relatively new to disc golf as a sport so getting the most out of the disc is still in process. I throw an anhyzer shot with this disc know it is going to do what I need it to do. Bright coloring helps spot it if I miscalculate the shot and find myself in the rough.

RPM Kahu
Nick P. (Tauranga, NZ)
Predictable flight

I don't have massive power and the kahu maximises the distance I can get from the arm I have. It's my workhorse driver, very stable with a nice predictable fade at the end. I couldn't do without it.

Dynamic Discs Judge
Sam P. (Christchurch, NZ)
Favourite Putter

This is the Putter that works best for me. There are many options of Putter but I choose the Judge because I like how it feels in the hand and the medium to softer plastics they use. Simple as that.

Innova Roc3
Eamon W. (Christchurch, NZ)

Good overstable mid-range, good in headwind and nice for shaping shots. Easy grip, forehand and backhand.

Discraft Challenger
Eamon W. (Christchurch, NZ)

Wide rim if you like that great if not will take sometime to get used but once you do will make a good stable approach/putter.

Innova Dart
Eamon W. (Christchurch, NZ)

Does exactly as it says. Glides well holds the angle you put on it, anhyzer will straighten out. Wouldn't recommend in the wind. Too much glide, the aviar3 or pig are better for it.

Latitude 64 Diamond
GrannyNoz (Christchurch, NZ)
Awesome driver for Senior Left-handed Granny

Since purchasing the Diamond, I am getting more distance, with reasonable consistency! I can now land the disc closer to the basket in an "expected" flight-path. For me, it does not fly off to the right like others that have less than a minus 3 turn. Love the feel of the Opto plastic, is a comfortable grip.

Discraft Buzzz
Knher S. (Auckland, NZ)
Most reliable mid range

If you want you want a dead straight flying disc. This is the disc for you. 10/10
Perfect for beginners

Latitude 64 Keystone
Kath (Wellington, NZ)

Great putter and very colourful stamp

Discraft Challenger SS
Kath (Wellington, NZ)

Nice with trusty flight straight great for approach and putting

RPM Discmate
Kath (Wellington, NZ)
Putting practice is a go

With the days being sort don’t get the opportunity to get to a course during the week but no prob can do some practice at home to hone the putting abilities
Easy to set up and solid

Kastaplast Reko
John C. (Mount Cole, AU)
All purpose putter

Great disc delivered in perfect condition. This is a straight flyer that stays on whatever line you throw it on yet lands pretty flat. Great as an actual putter as well.

Kastaplast Göte
Jay A. (Denver, US)
kasataplast glow

would be nice to only see on the website specific discs that are available.

Innova Mini Star
Hayden R. (Tauranga, NZ)
Mini Marker

Great to have in the arsenal. I carry mine in my pocket if I ever want to pick up a disc I just played. Very handy to have on you at all times.

Axiom Proxy
Michael D. (Mosgiel, NZ)
Axiom Proxy

Awesome disc , want another ! Nuff said
Great putter great for short game it

Dynamic Discs Deputy
Hayden R. (Auckland, NZ)

Great disc for hyzer flip and I can get a bit of distance with it as well. Overall feels good, looks great highly recommend it.

Latitude 64 Sapphire
Stewart C. (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Reliable, straight fairway driver

I picked the Sapphire as a light and easy to control option. Being lighter and understable it's less suited to the wind (I'm looking at you, Hikoikoi!) but in calm/light winds it glides nicely to compensate for a lack of arm speed.

Axiom Voyager Lite Watermelon Edition
Customer (Christchurch, NZ)
Great bag

I upgraded from a fade tourney bag and this is huge compared for that, only useful as a disc golf bag, the putter pocket at the top says it holds 2-4 but really it can fit about 7-8 putters comfortably..... only thing I don’t like is the plastic sleeves that hold up the sides of the bag aren’t hidden very well would be better to have a zip or some way of hiding them better

RPM Kotare
Riwai M. (Wellington, NZ)
Dependable over stable Driver

Still getting used to it as it is new too my bag but the possibilities!!!!! reliable fade and I think it will hold more stable as I beat in.

Riwai M. (Wellington, NZ)
Tui's are Gold!

My go to putter! I've swapped and changed out putters but always go back to the Tui. recommend it over any other putter. glide is second to none and very accurate for me.

Kastaplast Göte
William B. (Adelaide, AU)
It Glows as well as it flys

And it glows real good.

This is a great disc to throw in a glow round as it flys pretty much where you point it. It's easy to Anhyzer and it can nail a straight line. I enjoy using it for those tight layup shots.

Best of all it feels great.

MVP Volt
Brock F. (Wellington, NZ)
Cool disc

Stable/overstable driver.
From least stable to most stable below.
Fission volt
Jc volt
Standard volt(ie neutron plastic)
Cosmic neutron

Discmania Mentor
Stewart C. (Christchurch, NZ)
Reasonable, but the rim a bit grippy

This is a good driver for a slower arm like mine, but the rim feels a bit sharper than other fairway drivers and it has a tendency to get caught in my fingers a bit and so going a bit awry.

Discmania Maestro
Stewart C. (Christchurch, NZ)
Straight as...

This gives a good, straight line every time you throw it - great for those approaches as you can confidently sent it in the direction of the basket and not be afraid of losing too much in the fade

Innova Leopard
Stewart C. (Christchurch, NZ)
Reliable fairway driver

This is a good go-to fairway driver for me (a rookie player.) The rim feels a bit narrower than other drivers, making the grip a bit different if you're used to wider rims, but that seems to improve control.
It's a nice straight driver with a good glide, and holds well in the wind