RPM Rapture 2019 Review

15th December, Berhampore Golf Club, Wellington

33 people played in Sweet Chain Music's inaugural Disc Golf Tournament.
We had a great time and hope you did too. It was very typical blustery Wellington day with some winds reaching 60kph!
You can see photos of the event on our Facebook and Instagram. What pleased us most here at Sweet Chain Music was the number of people who said they had never played or barely played the sport before. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and see you out on the course soon.
Full results are available below...

Mens (Par 32)

Jake Anderson 30
Andy Davy 33
Jonathan Barrett 33
Mitch Hutson 33
Dave Bell 34
Dion Rawiri 34
Donald Brown 35
Simon Fogarty 35
Tashee Boswick 37
Jack Ryan 38
Matt Lymbery 40
Josh Ballantyne 41
Warren Fitzgerald 41
Chris Beswick 43
Andrew Laing 44
Daniel Verhoeven 44
Max Zhang 44
Brad Stillwell 45
Kenny Tannahill 52
Killian 52
Riordan Morrell 55
Max Godfrey 63



Minkie Vorster 39
Katie Beswick 43
Mallory 46
Kath Hedley 52
Danielle Hannan 53
LJ Laing 54
Kate Bain 56
Lou K 56
Jordan Cunningham 67
Samantha Judd 73