Discraft Buzzz

Discraft Buzzz

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More players agree: Buzzz is the best golf disc you can buy, period. It's an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and versatile Buzzz will hold any line you put it on. Discraft's 30-year reputation for consistency means that if you lose it, just pull out a new one and you're back in business.

Speed 5

Glide 4

Turn -1

Fade 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Knher S. (Auckland, NZ)
Most reliable mid range

If you want you want a dead straight flying disc. This is the disc for you. 10/10
Perfect for beginners

Simon R. (Wellington, NZ)
Buzzz Flex -

Straight flyer with slight fade at the end. I bought it to stop dead on arrival rather than skipping, bouncing or rolling.
It's been great. I use it every time I go out.

Francis O. (Plimmerton, NZ)
Great All Round Reliable Disc

For me, this disc is nothing unique or special but is a great disc to have. When I throw it as hard as I can (RHBH), it flies dead straight for about 70-80m of then fades left. This disc works great into a head-wind for me, as it's slight overstablity is counteracted by the wind and it just goes straight so I can just aim at the basket and it goes. This disc also tends to hold any angle I put it on when thrown lightly. It takes a lot of angle to hyzer straight down and usually glides down rather than flexing when put on a anhyzer.

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