RPM Piwakawaka

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A good reliable straight disc, this will easily hold a line and with the glide is sneaky long.

Speed 4

Glide 5

Turn 0

Fade 0

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephen L. (Wellington, NZ)
Piwakawaka Atomoic Review

Bought a pair of Piwakawaka in Atomic plastic. Feel great in the hand and easy to control.
As an entry level player, I find I am getting better glides off of them than some faster "driver" discs. Definitely landing closer to the basket and more consistently. Will likely buy a couple more for practice.

Martin C. (Hamilton, NZ)
Atomic Piwakawaka review

I have this disc in strata, cosmic and atomic and think the atomic disc has the best feel in the hand. All perform similarly and reliably despite different ages. The disc flys well with a good strong throw, and has some glide but will drop quite quickly at the end. Have used it to deliver good straight tunnel shots and push out onto the fairway from crowded tees. Will tend to hold the release angle. Doesn't skip much on landing. Good all rounder disc.

chris (Wellington, NZ)
Piwakawaka Review

A great disc. So much glide. The thing I like about this disc is its ability to hold different shot shapes. I love throwing smooth anhyzers as it will hold the line the whole way.

Andrew F. (Invercargill, NZ)
Piwakawaka Review

A glidey midrange that will push nearly as far as your slower fairways. When comparing it with a buzz it will consistently go further unless you put a lot of torque on the disc. The numbers I would suggest for the disc are 5, 6, -1.5, 1. For a midrange with that much turn, it is special in that it will still try to fade back a bit. A must-have RPM disc for shaping shots in the woods and adding sneaky distance to your midrange game.

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